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Our retreat will be the perfect getaway for those who want to sing with others, commune with the ocean, and deepen or be introduced to their yoga practice.

Our retreat is built on foundation of mutual respect and acceptance. Collectively we aim to create a space which is supportive and encouraging. For some people, coming to a retreat and sharing songs can feel like a nerve-wracking experience and singing in front of new people can be a big barrier to overcome. The team are mindful of this and will be there to ensure that as a group we create a welcoming and friendly environment together, that allows all participants to feel secure and listened to.

Whether you are a keen singer, musician, choir-goer or have always wanted to try singing, these retreats are the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in music in a relaxed, friendly environment.



The singing portion of this weekend is all about relaxing into our voices, using song as a tool for opening and release of tension, and having fun. Each singing workshop will include vocal warmups and breathing exercises, including some basic vocal technique, improvisation and exploration of our voices as instruments. We will sing music from a wide range of traditions, including Georgian healing songs, U.S. folk and gospel, Greek polyphony and more, beginning with simpler rounds and tunes to get everyone comfortable, and moving on to more intricate harmonies. People with all levels of singing experience are welcome, and you will come away with a booklet of all the songs we learn during the weekend! On Saturday night, we will ease out of the day with a song circle around a beach bonfire, in which everyone is encouraged to share/teach their favorite songs to the group. On Sunday night, we will have a casual performance of the songs we've learned as a group, inviting community members to join us and celebrate the weekend!


The yoga classes in this session will be accessible for all levels, giving beginners an opportunity to learn, and experienced yogis a chance to deepen their connection to their practice.

The retreat will begin with an opening circle that will slide into a gentle restorative class with a Yoga nidra (yogic sleep/rest) session to allow our systems to arrive and unwind in order to show up for a full weekend of singing, yoga, and eating!

There will be daily morning yoga classes, mid-afternoon meditation sessions, and 2 evening yoga sessions, on Friday and Sunday. The yoga classes will be geared toward enlivening and opening up energetic channels to get ready for singing. They will include asana and pranayama (breath work), therapy ball rolling, restorative and yin practices, as well as guided yoga nidra.

Ali’s classes are accessible, and welcoming to all. Her approach is breath-centered, providing the space for you to explore your unique experience in your practice. She teaches sustainable yoga for real bodies.


The fare for the weekend will be simple, but decadent as we nourish our hearts, minds, and bodies. It will be vegetarian, and will center around locally grown vegetables, interesting ferments, gluten free grains, and legumes. Food preferences and allergies will be taken into consideration while designing our menu, so please be clear about your needs.

Included in the retreat is a light welcoming snack on Friday night, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks on Saturday and Sunday, and breakfast on Monday. A glass of wine or other non-alcoholic fancy beverage per guest will be included in every dinner. Please bring your own alcoholic beverages, and personal snacks, if there is something you just can’t live without!


Our retreat will be held the beautiful Blockade Runner Cottage, right on the beach! It sleeps 26, with 13 rooms and 8.5 bathrooms. All rooms are shared, with two beds in each.

A stunning view of the water, the cottage is a two-storey house with a beautiful front and back porch, for lovely sitting and gazing at the beach time.

Your stay at the cottage also includes access to the amenities at the hotel next door: steam room, hot tub, fitness center, swimming pool.



Our fall retreat is available for an investment of:

$550 early bird pricing (if you sign up by August 15th!)

$600 regular pricing

A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to secure your spot at time of purchase. Full tuition must be paid by Oct. 1st, 2018.

This includes:

-Accommodations for 2 days and 3 nights at the Blockade Runner Cottage

-2 full days and 3 nights of yoga and singing

-Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and snacks every day, except Friday evening, where light snacks will be served, and Monday morning, where breakfast will be served

-A glass of wine with every dinner

-Group walks on the beach

-Access to Blockade Runner Hotel’s amenities: hot tub, gym, pool, etc.

This does not include:

-weekend alcoholic beverages

-Friday night dinner

-travel to get here

-any other additional purchases you make at hotel, etc.

**Please inquire about affordable pricing options. We are offering 2 work-trade scholarships if the retreat is cost prohibitive for you. Please contact us to learn more!**